Working together to achieve equity for all

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Incorporated in 2011, the Ontario Community Services Coalition is a partnership between community service providers and families. It was initiated with a common purpose: to maintain choice and flexibility in the developmental service system and to ensure that the voices of individuals, families and service providers are heard within local, regional and provincial discussions on issues affecting those who receive services, those applying for services and those on waiting lists and their families. The focus population is individuals with a disability, who live at home, and their families. The Ontario Community Services Coalition was created to foster a dynamic, creative, influential and diverse alliance that interacts and negotiates with government and partners within our community, including other like-minded support agencies, in collaboration with individuals with support needs and their families.

Partnering with families in the community, the Ontario Community Services Coalition unites different sectors in a commitment to supports and represents the following combined totals: support of approximately 6000 individuals, over 5500 staff and a budget of over 200 million dollars.


Why is fair and equal treatment of all agencies, unionized and non-unionized, important?

•To ensure a balance between a commitment to individuals and a commitment to advocacy for fair and equal compensation for staff

•To ensure that the needs of vulnerable citizens of Ontario do not become secondary to labour pressures

•To ensure that the voices of vulnerable citizens of Ontario and their families are hea